1st Grade: Frederick, Camille

Reading Homework Tips 

1) Read every night. You may be assigned to read a fluency passage or a book that is sent home. After reading, talk to an adult about what happened in the passage, telling about the beginning, the middle, and the ending.
2) As you read, remember to practice using the reading strategies...
* I predict... (Making predictions about what might happen next in a story you have not
read before.)
* I wonder..(Asking questions about what is happening in the passage.)
* That reminds me of...(Making connections between what you read and something that
has happened to you or something else you have read.)
* I visualize...(Making a movie in your head about what is happening in the passage.)
3) Practice your sight word list. Each student had a sight word list sent home in homework folders earlier this year. As students master each list, they will move up to the next list. 
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