Reading Strategies

In order for students to become engaged with what they're reading, rather than merely calling words, we will learn several critical reading strategies - things that all good readers do while they read.  Here are the strategies we will learn this year...
1)  making predictions - We make predictions before reading the text or as we read through the text.  We say, "I predict..."
2)  making connections - We make connections while we're reading.  We say, "This reminds me of..."  There are three different types of connections:  text to self, text to text, and text to world.
3)  asking questions - We ask questions while we're reading.  We say, "I wonder..."  Some of our questions are answered within the text and some are not. 
4)  visualizing - We visualize while we're reading.  We say, "When I read __________, it makes me visualize..." 
5) summarizing - We pause throughout our reading.  We say, "I summarized...".
6) inferring - We reflect on the text as well as our prior knowledge to make an inference.  Inferencing is similar to reading between the lines.  We say, "I inferred...".
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