Reading Strategies

In order for students to become engaged with what they're reading, rather than merely calling words, we have learned several critical reading strategies - things that all good readers do while they read.  Here are the strategies we've learned so far...
1)  making predictions - We make predictions before reading the text or as we read through the text.  We say, "I predict..."
2)  making connections - We make connections while we're reading.  We say, "This reminds me of..."  There are three different types of connections:  text to self, text to text, and text to world.
3)  asking questions - We ask questions while we're reading.  We say, "I wonder..."  Some of our questions are answered within the text and some are not. 
4)  visualizing - We visualize while we're reading.  We say, "When I read __________, it makes me visualize..." 
We have two more strategies to add after our Christmas break!  We are excited about learning how to keep all these strategies going at the same time as we read new text.
Last Modified on December 20, 2011

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